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I recently moved to Lyme Regis, which nestles on the south coast at the border of Dorset and Devon (the counties of my family roots), where I have set up business after completing a writing sabbatical.  The publication of my first book is imminent (details to follow soon).  This book explores the dynamic role essential oils can play in supporting health and wellbeing and provides a comprehensive overview of essential oils; from the role they play entrenched within the history of medicine, their botanical derivation within plants, to their dynamic holistic role as hedonistic, healing and wellness ingredients.  Although aimed at the curious ‘everyday’ user who wishes to learn more, this book also provides a sound and valuable foundation for further deeper study.

I first learnt about essential oils, alongside other complementary medicine and integrated therapy principles and practices, in the early 70’s.  Serendipitously, my journey to learn more about meditation at the time also led me to the company of fellow ‘seekers’ and ‘travellers’, many of whom bought with them their own talents and skills, knowledge and expertise, and from whom, as a curious teenager, I also learnt so much.  Of all the complementary practices I was introduced to then (awakening to the intrinsic awareness of meditation being the primary ‘gift’ bestowed), essential oils intrigued me the most.

IMG_4322I worked for Robert Tisserand  during those early years, when he first began to develop his business.  Then, later, I studied at the University of Salford and was awarded a BSc (Joint Hon) Degree in Counselling and Complementary Medicine and Masters Certificates in Integrated Mindfulness, and Supervision of Counsellors. I also gained a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate (PGCE) from Bolton Institute, and, I have published a number of articles and research papers in associated professional journals, including the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (IJCA).

I was also employed for a number of years at the University of Salford in the College of Health and Social Care (prior to moving to Dorset), as Programme Lead for the BSc Integrated Therapies in Practice and BSc Complementary Therapies in Practice Top up Degrees, Module Lead and lecturer for the Aromatherapy, Supervision and CPD, and Communication and Professional Skills modules, and as a personal tutor.   I ran a private essential oil therapy clinic, and also provided professional supervision for therapists, and delivered CPD workshops.

I am a Fellow of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA), and was Chair of Education during 2013.  I continue to support the IFA’s educational programme as a consultant and an examiner.  I am also a member of the International Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).  I continue to provide essential oil treatments and training through my current business, Aromantique.   


I have acquired many years experience as an essential oil therapist and in the field of complementary medicine, having studied  and practiced the principles and processes of various related disciplines (including reflexology, Ayurveda head massage, acupressure, among others).  This experience inevitably influences my style of massage and the way I apply essential oils to create potent but enjoyable remedial wellness and wellbeing support.


email: heather@aromantique.co.uk

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Heather Godfrey