Heather Dawn: Godfrey.  P.G.C.E., B.Sc. (Joint Hon)


I was delighted to accept Samantha’s kind invitation to chat with her about Essential Oils for the Whole Body

Samantha Lee Wright is an advocate of natural healthy living.  Through her radio show, Essential Oils Revolution, Samantha explores the virtues of essential oils and the various ways to optimise our health and wellbeing.  She regularly invites guests and specialist experts to talk about and share their experience and professional insights, providing her listeners with a glimpse through the window to explore a spectrum of related subjects.

During this interview we explore the various ways of applying essential oils topically to support anxiety, depression, ADHD, wellness and wellbeing.

Here is Samantha’s topic guide:


  • 15 “serenity oils” from Heather’s book, Essential Oils for the Whole Body (6:00)
  • On eucalyptus…(10:45)

  • On petigrain…(12:30)

  • Ways to incorporate essential oils in supporting individuals with ADHD (18:00)

  • Impact of essential oils beyond simple pampering (24:25)

  • About Essential Oils for the Whole Body (26:45)


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