Rose Otto (absolute)

(Rosa x demascena Miller. Rosa x centifolia L)

 Originally native to the Orient and Middle East, rose is grown and cultivated throughout the world, producing numerous species and cultivars. Rose essential oil is extracted from the fresh flower petals of the demascena and centifolia species and produces a pale yellow to olive yellow viscous liquid or a deep orange to olive green viscous absolute. Rose is famous for its beautiful, sweet intense odour and is a popular perfume ingredient.

Blended in vegetable oil, cream or lotion, rose essential oil provides valuable skin care qualities, while it also quells panic attacks and anxiety, and uplifts mood and emotion, among many other valuable attributes.


Mandarin Green

(Citrus reticulate)

 Native to south-eastern Asia and the Philippines, this small evergreen, usually thorny tree, produces beautifully fragrant flowers that bear the brightly coloured deeply green, orange or red-orange mandarin fruits. The mid-to dark green essential oil is extracted from the peel of the mandarin green fruit. ‘Awakening’ or ‘bringing out’ the inner child, this oil uplifts mood and emotion, among many other valuable supporting qualities.

Blended in vegetable oil, cream or lotion this essential oil provides a wonderful skincare ingredient (however, mandarin essential oil must be stored in a fridge and only used when fresh as it is prone to rapid oxidization and may consequently become irritant).

Frankincense (Olibanum)

(Boswellia carterii, Boswellia serrata)

Produced from the oleo resin that exudes from the wood of this small, tangle-branched tree, the pale amber, yellow to greenish tinted essential oil is renowned for its calming and “spiritual” connecting (earth to ‘heaven’) and uplifting qualities (hence it’s use in many religious and ceremonial rites and rituals).

Blended in vegetable oil, cream or lotion, this essential oil possesses remarkable skin care and healing qualities, as well as ability to combat respiratory tract conditions and infections, among many other remarkable qualities.


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