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Keeping it real

Why I don’t offer sales or special offer discounts, or engage in ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ promotional gimmicks.




My price is fair and competitive, and reflects the time, skill, quality, and cost invested in my service.



There are meaningful ways in which I can ‘give back’, and purposefully channel my time and energy. 



For example, I provide a fixed concession for
carer’s (Caring for Carer’s). This is done in support and recognition of the incredible and vital role carer’s play, which in many ways is not always visible, especially for those caring for partners, relatives and loved ones. Caring in this context can be quite isolating and consuming.  Aroma-massage provides ‘a moments peace’, an ideal opportunity to rest, revive, rejuvenate, while supporting the immune system and a sense of wellbeing. You will find more details about Caring for Carer’s here: http://www.aromantique.co.uk/caring-carers/




I also donate to charity in various ways. For example, I recently donated an aroma-massage in aid of supporting Axminster’s Flamingo Pool, a self-funding charity that provides an incredible facility to the local community; the draw is today (Wednesday 25th July) – Charity Golf Day, Chardstock – details here: https://www.flamingopool.co.uk/events.




This way, everyone really is a winner; I don’t
compromise the value of my service, and also the rippling effect reaches further to positively touch the lives of many more people than ‘cut-price or BOGOF offers’ will ever do.  


In reality, in my particular business, I can only work with one person at a time, and only with so many in a day.  The quality of what I offer is very important to me as this directly affects my clients experience and the outcome of their treatment.  Balance is key to sustainability; this includes financial stability as well as personal development, and ability to manage and value quality, time, and space.