Are you already trained but would like to refresh or gain a CPD certificate?  Do you work in a professional context with others (for example, teacher, counsellor, nurse or other educational or healthcare profession).?  Are you interested in the psycho-emotional qualities of essential oils in relation to mood, emotion, and memory?  Do you want to build your knowledge of essential oils to apply them aesthetically (for example, to create scents, ambient room aromas)?  Are you a carer?  Or, do you simply want to learn about essential oils to apply them in your everyday life as personal wellness and wellbeing tools?

Aromantique’s Professional Training Programme provides a wonderful foundation for you to develop and build your knowledge and understanding of essential oils and their safe and effective application.

The choice is yours.  You can learn as little or as much as you need or want to:  from personal interest to professional qualification.  Training is offered as a series of workshops to enable you to manage and develop your own learning needs, time and budget.

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The (lovely) Room Upstairs, first Floor of St. Michael’s Business Centre, Church Street, Lyme Regis, DT7 3DB.



Your Training Provider:

Heather Dawn Godfrey PGCE, BSc, FIFA, MFHT

Author of bestselling Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation, and Essential Oils for the Whole Body


Workshop themes include:


The Dynamic of Scents: Creating Simple Essential Oils Blends

Book here


What is an essential oil? Laying the foundation

Book here


Biodiversity, botanical families and essential oils: an overview

Book here




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Every so often I reach a juncture on my journey, a point of awe, appreciation, and gratitude, when I am stopped in my tracks for a moment.  I woke up this morning suddenly struck by how far I have travelled, and was compelled to pause and observe the landscape.  In many ways I have done everything I set out to achieve; my first book is published, and my second one is emerging through the editing process as I write; I have a lovely studio in the Town Mill at the heart of Lyme Regis.

What an amazing journey writing my books has evolved into, and continues to do so as I traverse new and unchartered terrain; my simple quest to share my experience and understanding has pushed my boundaries further than I could every have anticipated.  The journey has been both one and the same time amazing and challenging; my tenacity, self-belief, and passion paradoxically strengthened with each new, often unexpected, challenge.

I have met so many people I would never have encountered had I not embarked on this journey.  Some have shaken my faith, but many more have inspired and enlightened my perspective, re-inspired and re-ignited my belief and passion, for which I am eternally grateful.  My ambition in writing is to share my experience and understanding; but the return is so much more.

Simply by taking that first step, then the next, the terrain I traversed led me to landscapes and destinations I had not envisaged from the outset.  In having the courage and willingness to ‘go for it’ (no matter what that is, small or ambitious) my path unfolded before me.  I had to learn to let go of my fear of uncertainty, to trust that, my intention honest and positive, I am ‘held’, guided, loved, and especially ‘safe’, in spite of my self doubts, misgivings and worries.  It seems to me that we are here to help and support each other; no one, in reality, ‘makes it alone’, we are never isolated no matter how much we may feel we are at times.

It is hard to put into words the unfolding lessons and insights, the deepening sense of awakening to my ‘aliveness’, the way colours in my life change depth, tone, and brightness as I simply ‘let go’, take a breath, a step…….and traverse. Thank you to everyone I have met on my journey so far and to all those I have yet to meet, for the light that shines within you, illuminating my path with colours and tones, and brightening my way.