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Galbanum’s special gifts for you……

Although not common amongst aromatherapy essential oils, Galbanum non-the-less is a gem not to be overlooked.  Extracted from the resinous ‘tears’ that exude from incisions made in the harvested roots of the this herbal plant, the essential oil possess wonderful skin care and healing qualities, and is especially useful for mature skin.  It is both emotionally calming and stimulating, and restorative to the nerves, easing feelings of anxiety and depression, and balancing erratic moods.   An analgesic, it is also valuable in alleviating muscle and joint pain, bronchial spasms and coughs, and painful periods.  


Remember to dilute essential oils in an emollient, such as vegetable oil or non-perfumed cream, before applying to your skin, and to store them in a cool dark place with lids secured to prevent and slow down oxidisation.