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Petitgrains special gifts for you….

Petitrain essential oil (also known as orange leaf oil) is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the aromatic bitter orange tree that also yields a sweet exotic essential oil from its blossoms (neroli), and a refreshing, uplifting essential oil from its fruits.  


Petitgrain eases stress-related shallow breathing, respiratory infections, colds and ‘flu.  Blended in non-perfumed cream or lotion, or vegetable oil, such as olive, petitgrain improves the condition of dry, chapped and cracked skin.  It is emotionally calming and uplifting and eases feelings of anxiety and depression, aids mental clarity, and eases insomnia, among many other qualities and gifts.

Petitgrain (Orange Leaf) (Citrus amara; Citrus aurantium Linn.)

IMG_4441Extracted from the leaves and twigs of this evergreen bitter orange tree which grows in Mediterranean and Mediterranean-like environments and climates, this clear to pale yellow, yellow to amber essential oil is a valuable skin care ingredient when blended in vegetable oil, cream or lotion, and also eases cold and ‘flu symptoms, quells anxiety and alleviates stress and stress related conditions, among many other valuable qualities.

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NB: Information provided here, or in any of the books which form part of the Aromantique book compilation, is not presented as an alternative or substitute for professional advice or healthcare. These books aim to provide a complementary preventative tool to support wellness  and wellbeing.