Heather Dawn: Godfrey. P.G.C.E., B.Sc. (Joint Hon)

Award winning author, essential oil and well being therapist, and teacher 




I am thrilled and honoured Janey asked me to contribute to her best selling new book, Happy Healthy Sober.


This is a lovely positive and upbeat book which explores ways to ‘ditch the booze’ and, in fact, other self-defeating habits we might cling to in order to ‘get through’.


Janey presents a candid overview of her own experience ‘ditching the booze’, sharing with the reader her struggles, but also, significantly, her incredible sense of liberation.


Janey reminds us that the locus of personal control is just one fulfilled intention away – that is, to value and love oneself. Taking control and exercising self-discipline is the ultimate paradox, the rewards are unimaginable; from the steel of resolve burst forth a multi-coloured fountain of possibility.


Shaking off the shackles of comforting, self-soothing habits, however, is not easy – the voice that insidiously whispers ‘just one more….’, ‘you’ve earned….’, ‘you deserve….’, ‘it helps me relax….’, ‘tomorrow…’, reassuring and conveniently persuasive.


But do not despair, Janey has this well covered (remember, she has been there too).  Her thirty-day challenge, for example, supports the reader through the initial, often most challenging phase of sobriety.  With her eye on the road ahead, she includes useful tips that cover all aspects of holistic wellbeing, from self-care, fitness, nutrition to mind-set and spirituality. There are tips from Sober Club members and contributions from health and wellbeing experts, including my section on the benefits of essential oils!  Sobriety, after all, is a way of life, and, far from being restrictive and denying, is enlivening, even fun, as you will discover when you dive into Janey’s book.


Ditching the booze or not, this book offers invaluable insight and support that can be used to aid navigation through these very unusual and challenging times – for example, substitute the word ‘booze’ for any ‘addiction’ or self-comforting or compensatory habit, or simply absorb the words of wisdom and advice of a fellow ‘traveller’ finding her path through the challenges and the ‘up’s’ and ‘downs’ of life.