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Essential Oils for for the Whole Body, and Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation: About the books


Both books focus on essential oils and their multiple dynamics.  Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation explores the role of essential oils as meditation companions.  Essential Oils for the Whole Body focuses on the practical and ethereal qualities of essential oils and includes information about safe use and practice, how to blend essential oils to create pleasing remedies and scents, and how to integrate essential oils with other subtle complementary elements, such as gemstones and colour, and more.

Both books provide a valuable platform designed to help the reader build their own essential oil repertoire, with easy to reference charts and diagrams and valuable that will enable the reader to embark on their own journey of discovery.  Your quintessential Aromatherapy ‘go to’ handbooks.

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Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation is a now also published in Traditional Chinese!












Readers Reviews


Essential Oils for the Whole Body

 An impressive and comprehensive presentation of what essential oils are, how they work, and how to use them, not only for physical illnesses but also on the psycho-emotional level. A great book on essential oils!

Christopher Vasey, ND, author of Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals


In times when most aromatherapists are going back to using simple recipes based on the biomedical paradigm, this book opens up another way of looking at topical applications and absorption dynamics. These areas are actually more complex than mechanical interpretation allows and require a book with a holistic, and even spiritual, background combined with scientific insight. It will surely build stronger relationships with the ‘whole body.

Martin Henglein, Naturopath, Aromatherapist, and Osmologist


This book offers a beautiful bridge between the science of aromatherapy and esoteric application. Godfrey presents a truly holistic approach that explores how to support the whole self, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual.

Candice Covington, author of Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice


A lovely book packed full of information about the form and function of the human body and the ways essential oils can interact with it. This book builds on the author’s previous work, Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation, to create an invaluable guide for those who wish to understand essential oils and use them creatively and safely.

Sophie Olszowski, PhD, director of SPZ Associates Ltd.


I am an avid believer in using essential oils in many different aspects of body health and home use so I was thrilled to receive this book for review. What I found here is a great complete education on Essential Oi . The author has included blending of oils, safety as well as even the chemical contents, which are good to know for those of us that use oils in our daily lives. I highly recommend the instructions for making creams, ointments and skin care product’s, which was so fun to learn so much more then I knew. The recipes are brilliant and easy to follow. There is also information on diffusing oil’s, which I am already using and enjoying. A ‘definitive’ book on essential oils this book I highly recommend for all who use oils and wish to educate themselves on both the oils, the process and the creation of recipes. Out of all the books on Essential Oils I have read over the years this is my favourite.

C. C. Netgalley


The content of this book is full of very descriptive information about essential oils. It would make a great reference book in any home as well as the local public library. This book would also be a well-used addition to any person wanting a more in-depth knowledge of oils. It will also help those like me who dally somewhat with oils but do not fully comprehend all the intricacies. Might keep someone like me from handling the oils improperly.  

Mary.  Goodreads


This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to dig deeper into essentials oils, you get tons and I mean tons of resourceful information I cannot express how much detail and research this author did just for this book.

You get recipes, for creams, lotions, and perfume oils.

The author doesn’t only use essential oil, but she also gives you a list of gemstones to use every day, you get worksheets and much more to help you in your study and lifestyle.

Laurie. Goodreads.


Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation

There is a unique way to enhance psychological well-being waiting to be explored. This book tells you how meditation and aromatherapy, classic tools for modifying the mind, can work together to maintain a state of calm and insight. Familiar oils like rose and frankincense add serenity and inspiration to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Diffusing an essential oil during meditation practice can even return your awareness to that meditative mode if you smell the aromatic oil again later. 

The author is an aromatherapist who not only uses essential oils professionally but also conducts research into the effects of these powerful plant ingredients. The reader will find out how knowledge of traditional practice and subjective experience, backed by scientific evidence, is an ideal path for discovery; how mindfulness meditation and essential oil inhalation relieve anxiety or calm the mind, as explained from the perspectives of ancient history, religious practices, and modern complementary medical practice. Scientific studies involving human subjects and essential oils tested in laboratory models are described in easy-to-digest detail that adds value and validity.

Advice on how to use the pure essential oils comes with a thorough briefing on dose and safety–a prerequisite for these concentrated and potent plant extracts. In passing, learning about the many everyday food, drink, and cosmetic products that contain essential oils is an eye-opener on the hidden influences on the mind and body. This book is bound to have a long-lasting impact on both meditation and aromatherapy practices, thanks to its inspired author, Heather Dawn Godfrey.

Elaine Perry, Ph.D., professor emeritus of neuroscience at Newcastle University


Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation fills an important gap in the field of essential oils. Where many other books are contented with the properties and the handling of oils, Heather Godfrey provides us with a profound scientific background of the different oils and opens up the field toward awareness and meditation. This book is a wonderful guide to using essential oils as valuable helpers for everyday life, as a source of knowledge for well-being professionals, and for a deeper understanding of oneself and nature.

Ewald Kliegel, author of Crystal Wands and Holistic Reflexology


This interesting book melds the science and alchemy of essential oils and their use in meditation with a mix of personal anecdotes and evidence. Taking the reader on a journey through these highly topical disciplines, it is a timely reminder and how-to guide of the importance of stepping back from the maelstrom of modern life to find a sensible inner balance.

Sophie (Petit-Zeman) Olszowski, Ph.D Author of Doctor, What’s Wrong? Making the NHS Human Again, and Editor, NHS Researcher, and Director of SPZ Associates Ltd


 This book is an impressive and comprehensive presentation of what are essential oils, how they work and how to use them, not only for physical illnesses, but also on the psycho-emotional level. A great book on essential oils!

Richard Vasey Author of Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals


Godfrey, an International Federation of Aromatherapists fellow, skilfully explains how scent works on the brain to create relaxation and how this affects our well-being. Odors that stimulate brain chemicals, such as serotonin and GABA, trigger composure, concentration, deep breathing, and a meditative state to reduce stress and anxiety. Research is presented on rehabilitative techniques to remove negative emotional states, like regrets, traumas, fears, and anxiety. Charts and discussion show the brain’s hemispheres and the actions of a few essential oils are mentioned, although no recipes are suggested. There are also guidelines for use, healthy foods, and methods, techniques, and tools for application. 

 American Herb Association Quarterly


This book is an informative guide to the use of essential oils as an accompaniment to meditation/mindfulness. It finishes with a chapter on other forms of achieving wellbeing – nutrition, exercise and relaxation. There are footnotes and a bibliography for further information. As such it’s very comprehensive but as a newcomer to essential oils I didn’t find the content intimidating.

Tina. Goodreads


A great guide for beginners wanting to learn more about mindfulness and meditation and how to use essential oils for relaxation. A good reference book to have on hand with well organised tables for easy access to information. Great background information on mindfulness and using essential oils for those that are just starting out.

Kat. Goodreads