About the workshop series

This series of workshops is preceded with an introductory workshop, The Dynamics of Scent: Creating Simple Essential Oil Blends.  During this introductory workshop you will learn about the basic qualities of scent and how to build a simple scent profile, and will have an opportunity explore the tones, nuances and characteristics of specific group of essential oils. You will take home your own therapeutic blend in the form of a roll-on perfume. Click above for booking details about this workshop.

Following this there will be a series of workshops that combine to create a course and which will be delivered over a period of nine to twelve months, depending on whether you wish to gain a complete training certificate, which will involve assessment, or simply want to attend all or some of the workshops for your own interest.  Dates and further details for series of workshops will be posted soon.

How the workshops are presented

Each workshop ‘stands alone’ as a single unit and a CPD Certificate of Attendance is awarded on completion.

Each unit will introduce the student to a specific element that will aid their understanding of essential oils, how they ‘work’, and how to effectively apply them for personal use.

All units (workshops) combine, with additional revision and assessment units, to form a whole training course, Aroma Wellness; all units must be completed to gain the Aroma Wellness Certificate of Attainment.

Workshop delivery will include experiential components, lecture and discussion.

The Aroma Wellness course provides a general introductory foundation on which to build further academic and experiential knowledge of essential oils and their appropriate application, and focuses on a specific group of fifteen essential oils (Serenity Essential Oils).

Workshop themes include biodiversity and botanical families, introduction to phyto-chemistry, essential oil profiles, blending essential oils, various methods of application, among other topics.

Successful completion of the Aroma Wellness course will enable students to apply these essential oils for personal use, as well as to others in certain specified therapeutic contexts (for example, as a carer), applying simple massage techniques (hand and arm massage, head neck and shoulder massage).  A professional practitioner upgrade, or top-up, course is also available, which will include full body massage, and a broader range of essential oils.

The Aroma Wellness course does not qualify the student to apply essential oils beyond this limited context (unless the professional practitioner upgrade is also completed).

The Aroma Wellness course does provide relevant pertinent information that will support safe personal use and does lay a significant foundation on which to continue to progress toward a full professional practitioner qualification.

 A certified professional aromatherapy qualification is required  before essential oils can be applied to others in a professional therapeutic context (for example, the Professional Practitioner Upgrade).  Another professional licence is required to create, produce and supply essential oil related products, such as creams, lotions and other skin care products, for retail.