Next Essential Oil Workshop:

The Dynamics of Scent.  Creating simple yet pleasing essential oil blends.

Date:  Wednesday 25th September 2019




Venue: The (lovely) Room Upstairs, first Floor of St. Michael’s Business Centre, Church Street, Lyme Regis, DT7 3DB.


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About the Aromantique Workshop series

Dynamics of Scent: Creating Simple Yet Pleasing Essential Oil Blends  This introductory workshop introduces you to the basic qualities of scent and how to build a simple scent profile.  You will have an opportunity to explore the tones, nuances and characteristics of essential oils, and will take home your own therapeutic blend in the form of a roll-on perfume.

The next Dynamics of Scent workshop is scheduled for 25th September 2019 at 1.45pm to 4.45pm.

You are invited to attend simply out of interest and curiosity to learn more about essential oils.

Please be aware places are limited and are quickly booked up.

The Aromantique Essential Oil Workshop series then continues to explore essential oils in more depth; each workshop focuses on particular related dynamic (see below).  When combined, these workshops create a complete course – AromaWellness.   

You can chose to attend any of these workshops as part of your CPD programme if you are already qualified, or simply for your own interest.

To complete the full professional aromatherapy training criteria you will be required to attend all essential oil workshops, and additional  massage, and anatomy and physiology units.



How will these workshops and courses benefit you?

Perhaps you are a carer, or work in a professional context with others (for example, as a teacher, counsellor, nurse or other educational or healthcare profession) and would like to learn how to safely and effectively  apply essential oils to optimise their psycho-emotional benefits.

Perhaps you want to develop your knowledge of essential oils to use them aesthetically inspire your everyday life (for example, to create scents, ambient room aromas).

Perhaps you sell essential oils and would like to understand more about their dynamic properties to inform your promotion and to support your customers.

Perhaps you already have an aromatherapy training qualification and want to refresh and develop your existing knowledge as part of your continual professional development (CPD).

This series of workshops provides the perfect opportunity for you to achieve all of this.


How are the workshops presented?

Each workshop ‘stands alone’ as a single unit.  A CPD Certificate of Attendance is awarded on completion.

Each workshop will introduce you to a specific element that will inform your understanding and appreciation of essential oils, for example:

  • how they ‘work’
  • their therapeutic qualities
  • how to effectively and safely apply them for personal use.

The Essential Oil Workshops combine to create a whole training course, Aroma Wellness.  This certificate can be upgraded to a full Professional Aromatherapy training qualification with additional elements, for example, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology (A,P,&P), and massage.


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Venue: The Room Upstairs, first Floor of St. Michael’s Business Centre, Church Street, Lyme Regis, DT7 3DB.

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Essential Oil Workshop themes include:

What is an Essential Oil?: Laying the foundation. Explores how essential oils are extracted and how they are categorised, introducing 15 Serenity Essential Oils, among other elements.


Biodiversity, botanical families and essential oils: an overview.  Explores geographical regions of growth and how essential oils are produced within the plant, among other elements.


Phyto-chemistry and essential oils: an introduction.  Explores the chemical composition of essential oils and related therapeutic qualities, among other elements.


Blending Essential Oils: creating effective combinations.  Explores how to identify scent nuances and how to combine essential oils to create a pleasing aroma, among other elements.


Various methods of applying essential oils.  Explores how to apply essential oil safely and effectively using various carrier mediums, among other elements.


How essential oils are absorbed and work within the body.  Explores the various body systems in relation to essential oil assimilation, among other elements.


Click here to pre-order Essential Oils for the Whole Body  or here for further details about this book.  Publication date 5th November (USA), 12th December (UK) 2019.