Relax. Revive. Restore. Rejuvenate. Bespoke Essential Oil Therapy

A wonderful way to rebalance body, mind, and soul, aromatherapy massage nurtures and supports the body’s self-regulating mechanism, and encourages a sense of wellbeing and peace.

Essential oils are not only powerfully anti-microbial, they also influence the limbic system within the brain,  the pituitary gland (which in turn instigates a parasympathetic nervous system response), and the forebrain, which is where we make ‘sense’ of things.  Thus, essential oils calm and uplift mood and emotion, aid memory, alertness, and clarity of thought, and help to re-calibrate the body.  They can be applied without massage as very effective therapeutic perfumes too.

The tactile medium of touch delivered via massage when applied in combination with essential oils is very potent and engenders a very deep state of relaxation, inspires feelings of peace and wellbeing, while at the same time recalibrate’s the body’s physiological  systems, especially the circulatory, lymphatic and immune system.

Essential oils can also be administered very effectively as ingredients in skin care products, applied, for example, in lotions, creams, and ointment, or simply as inhalants administered in ‘aroma stick’ or room vaporisers. For more details about the various methods of applying essential oils please refer to the Publications , Safe Use and Application, Methods of Use, Articles and Blog pages on this website.

Treatment Session: 90 minutes (including consultation).  Please note that due to current government imposed CV restrictions, treatment sessions are temporarily suspended until January 2022.

Cost: £60 per session

Venue: Aromantique Studio, Lyme Regis DT7

Contact details: email /  /  07419 777 451 / 01297 599633


Clients Feedback

Heather is a very talented and experienced aromatherapist, she intuitively blended a sublime mix of oils specifically for me and gave an amazing massage. I left with both my body and mind relaxed and rejuvenated. An absolutely delightful experience, thank you Heather. Jess B.

Wow! Went to Heather for a massage last week. It was an amazing experience, incredibly relaxing, and very healing. Heather is incredibly professional, whilst at the same time, extremely warm and welcoming, instantly putting you at ease. The treatment took place in her studio, which is warm, cosy and peaceful. A full body massage is just that and I felt that every part of my body benefited from the gentle massage using the essential oils that Heather and I chose together. By the end of the session I felt as though I had been wrapped in a little cocoon and was very reluctant to leave! Have already booked my next treatment. Thank you so much, Heather. I shall be recommending you to all my friends. Claire S.