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Author of Healing with Essential Oils (publication USA 19th July, UK 18th August 2022), and Essential Oils for the Whole Body (2020 Platinum Award winner),  and  Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation (2019 Platinum Award winner), published by Inner Traditions Bear & Co., Vermont USA, and available to purchase from Barnes and Noble (in store and on-line), among other high street and on-line book outlets.

I was introduced to essential oils, alongside various other complementary medicine and integrated therapy principles and practices, during the early 70’s.  During this period I learned to meditate, and remain forever grateful that I discovered this integral practice when I was young (a gift held precious throughout my adult life – the experience of ‘being in’ meditation, paradoxically, above and beyond anything else, anchors and grounds my mind, body and soul).  I lived in an ashram for over two years, where I learned to hone my meditation practice (although, in truth, meditation, simply, is conscious awareness of being present in each moment, breath by gifted breath).

Leaving the ashram, I worked as junior secretary for the Company Secretary of Lewis-Selfridges, Oxford Road, London, but surrendered this role when Robert Tisserand invited me to work for him – already inspired by the philosophies of complementary medicine, I willingly embraced this invitation and opportunity – and so began my ‘essential oil journey’.

I later studied at the University of Salford, gaining a BSc (Joint Hon) Degree in Counselling and Complementary Medicine, and post graduate Masters Certificates in Integrated Mindfulness, and Supervision of Counsellors, and then a Post Graduate Teaching Certificate (PGCE) from Bolton Institute.

I ran a private aromatherapy practice, and taught in FE colleges (subjects included aromatherapy, reflexology, diet and nutrition, and counselling skills).  I was invited to join the Complementary Medicine team at the University of Salford (School of Health Sciences and Social Care, now the School of Health and Society), where I was programme lead for the B.Sc. Complementary and Integrated Therapy in Practice degrees, and module lead for Aromatherapy, Supervision and CPD, Communication and Professional skills, was Personal Tutor, and also ran the aromatherapy clinic.

I have published several articles and research papers in various professional journals and magazines, including, for example, the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy (IJCA), also Dorset Magazine, among others (articles include, among others, Essential Oils and ADHD, Essential Oils and the Autumn Years, Evaluation of CAM in Routine Practice, ).  I am especially interested in the psycho-emotional-spiritual influence of essential oils and the consequential influence they procure on health and wellbeing.  I regularly speak as a guest at national and international events, radio and television shows.

Relocating from Lancashire to Dorset eight years ago, I continue to teach and write.   In deed, my third book, Healing with Essential Oils, completes a complementary compendium, alongside Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation and Essential Oils for the Whole Body (also published by Inner Traditions).  Healing With Essential Oils examines the journey of essential oils from plant to bottle and includes over fifty-eight in depth but easy to access essential oil profiles.  Through my books, I aim to provide a valuable, sound platform of knowledge and guidance for the ‘everyday’ user of essential oils so they may access and apply their manifold gifts safely and effectively for themselves.

I am the proud mother of four grown up children, and graced grandmother of twelve beautiful grandchildren.  And so, my journey continues……….


Healing With Essential Oils Publication dates:  USA 19th July, UK 18th August 2022 Healing with Essential Oils explores the journey of essential oils from living plant to bottle, and explains what an essential oil is, including the botany of how they evolved and the various roles they play, from protecting the plant to aiding its propagation. There are in-depth profiles for 58 common essential oils identifying the phyto-chemicals that contribute to each oil’s scent and healing qualities and it’s therapeutic application, and information about the healthiest and safest ways to use essential oils for children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and the 'everyday' user of essential oils. Available to pre-order and purchase from Barnes and Nobel USA and most national and international on-line and local bookshops.
WE ARE GIFTED WITH SO MUCH POTENTIAL. OUR BODY IS AN AMAZING VESSEL OF LIFE. OUR SOUL, PURE LOVE. WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, RESILIENT, AUTONOMOUS SOVEREIGN BEINGS. IN NATURE, EARTH IS HEAVEN, A GARDEN BESTOWED WITH LOVE AND LIFE. REMEMBER THIS AND SOW A FUTURE THAT IS THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. DARKNESS IS MERELY THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!!!!!! Essential oil workshops and professional training resume September 2022. Meanwhile, you will find an abundance of information about essential oils here, and, most especially in my books, 'Healing with Essential Oils', 'Essential Oils for the Whole Body' and 'Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation', (published by Healing Arts Press, Inner Traditions, Bear & Co.,Vermont, USA), available to purchase and order from most high street and online book outlets. (If you are visiting Lyme Regis, why not pop into Lyme Regis Bookshop on Broad Street where you can purchase signed copies of my books).

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