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Also available, bespoke essential oil massage

applying high quality organic essential oils – awaken and nurture your inner sense of peace and wellbeing…




Relax,  Replenish, Rejuvenate





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Tel: 07419 777 451


Venue: Aromantique Studio (1st floor), Town Mill, Mill Road, Lyme Regis, Dorset DT7 3PU


Essential oils uplift and calm mood and emotion, support immunity and healing.


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Why Aromatherapy?


We share a vital symbiotic relationship with plants, which provide oxygen and nutrients necessary for our survival and wellbeing.  

Essential oils are protective (to both plant and human) – anti-microbial, skin healing, hedonistic (psycho-emotionally  uplifting, ‘grounding’ and stimulating), integrating and influencing at one and the same time body, mind, emotion and subtle energy or resonance (‘soul’, ‘spirit’, Chi, élan vital).




Client Comments

Wow! Went to Heather for a massage last week. It was an amazing experience, incredibly relaxing, and very healing. Heather is incredibly professional, whilst at the same time, extremely warm and welcoming, instantly putting you at ease.  A full body massage is just that and I felt that every part of my body benefited from the gentle massage using the essential oils that Heather and I chose together. By the end of the session I felt as though I had been wrapped in a little cocoon and was very reluctant to leave! Have already booked my next treatment. Thank you so much, Heather. I shall be recommending you to all my friends. x


Thank you so much for the wonderful massages. We both found them to be energising and at the same time calming, which is exactly what we needed.


Very professionally done, I felt totally relaxed and confident in Heather’s skills.


A quick note to thank you very much indeed for my lovely massage, it made such a difference and I have been much better since then so thank you very much.


Experience was excellent.


Very relaxing – much more than I imagined it would be – enjoyed it very much.







Heather Godfrey