This is a beautiful book with practical information about how to use essential oils to aid mindfulness. Heather is clearly an expert in her field and she conveys her knowledge in a way that engages the reader. The book is filled with wonderful photography to entice the reader to enjoy the experience with all their senses. I would highly recommend this book as it would make a wonderful gift for someone or in fact for yourself! Looking forward to seeing the other books in Heather’s series.

Heather has pro-found knowledge, writes with passion and love to detail as she wants to truly engage the reader. When you have read this book you are an expert. I am sure there is more to come from Heather.  

Enlightening and extremely informative book. I am truly amazed that I knew so little about essential oils. This is only one of many books and I cannot wait for the next book. Put my order in! Well done . Highly recommended!

I found this book very interesting and informative.  The essential oils chart is a very useful reference.

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 The Essential Oils Companion for Mindfulness

Heather Dawn Godfrey

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Heather’s book, including this complementary book, takes all of us, lay person and aromatherapists alike, on a comprehensive and fascinating journey through the worlds and wonders of essential oils.  From the birth of medicine to our hi-tech age, plants have been our companions, doctors and helpers and this rich history and diversity is explored and clarified in Heather’s pages.  She guides us through the processes, research and developments that have brought us to a time where essential oils are appreciated not just for their medicinal qualities, but for their hedonistic, supportive and holistic benefits to wellbeing.

From botany and photosynthesis to extraction and safe use of essential oils, Heather offer’s up her years of experience in the field as a gift to be shared with everyone.  To quote from her writing:

Essential oils appear to be a multidynamic gift presented by nature, offered, it seems, to accompany our journey through life, through the ups and downs, the joys and challenges, like a supportive friend.  Through my clinical practice, observing my clients response to essential oils, and through my own experience, I notice how enriching this relationship is, practical and pleasurable, healing and uplifting, and how this in turn, may also translate into a healthy sense of wellbeing.





Heather Godfrey