Aromatherapy Courses

Courses will be delivered over a period of nine to twelve months.

AromaWellness is a short course aimed at those who wish to apply essential oils in their every day lives or as carers. This course converts to a full Professional Aromatherapy Course with additional elements, for example, Anatomy and Physiology, and Body Massage, and further essential oil units.

Do you want to simply, but safely and effectively, apply essential oils for your own use, or do you want to qualify as a professional therapist? The choice is yours.  

You can channel the information and skills you develop in various ways.

For example, do you work in the retail industry selling essential oils and related products and perfumes? Among other things, these workshops provide valuable insight about the qualities of natural scent.

Do you work in a professional context with others and want to learn more about the gentle but effective psycho-emotional influence of essential oils (for example, teacher, counsellor, nurse or other educational or healthcare profession, or carer)?  

Do you want to build your knowledge of essential oils to apply them aesthetically for your own use and pleasure (for example, to create scents, ambient room aromas)?  

These courses provide a wonderful foundation to develop and build your knowledge and understanding of essential oils, and their safe and effective application.

Please contact me at for further information.

Venue: ‘The Room Upstairs’, 1st Floor of St. Michael’s Business Centre, Church Street, Lyme Regis, DT7 3DB.

Day: Wednesday

Time:  1.45pm to 4.45pm

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