Here is my latest book, Healing with Essential Oils. Yet again, I am so pleased with the beautiful presentation of my work- thank you team Inner Traditions, I am very appreciative of your diligence.


Written to support the everyday user of essential oils, Healing with Essential Oils explores the journey of essential oils from their development within the plant to the delightful perfumed substance in the bottle we are so familiar with. From botany to chemistry, to safe and appropriate application, including detailed overview of 58 individual oils, Healing with Essential Oils provides a plethora of valuable, pertinent information that clearly explains the nature and qualities of essential oils; your go-to guide.


Healing with Essential Oils: Professional Endorsements


Janey Lee Grace, Sue Stone, Candice Covington and Christopher Vasey very kindly endorse my book; Janey Lee Grace also wrote the Foreword.  They were each sent a pre-print digital copy of Healing with Essential Oils to review; the digital version of the book is not affected by the printing error.  Here are their comments:


“A dynamic book for the student interested in the science of aromatherapy, the author takes you from seed to distillation and breaks down, in detail, the chemical composition of each oil profiled.  A solid reference work.

Candice Covington, author of Vibrational Nutrition and Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice.


“A brilliant and informative must-have book for anyone looking for a natural way to heal and restore and create harmony and balance in their life.”  See Sues comments here too.

Sue Stone, author, TV presenter and transformational leader of The Sue Stone Foundation.


“This highly recommendable book gives grounded scientific knowledge on essential oils and all the practical advice one needs to use them efficiently to restore and maintain health.”

Christopher Vasey, N. D., author of Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals


“This book is easy to navigate.  Information is gathered and summarised in succinct, easy-to-read charts and diagrams, which makes references clear and accessible, so the book is valuable as a practical tool and guide.  Heather integrates her own insights and experience, gained through practical application and research, with that of other exerts to provide a breadth and depth of knowledge about essential oils, their botany and organic chemistry, and the safe and effective use.”

Janey Lee Grace, TV and radio presenter, well-being presenter and the author of Happy Healthy Sober




Observation: page 128


Before going to print a great deal of effort is made to thoroughly and diligently edited and proof read my manuscripts; the final version, thus, is confidently signed off and presented for print.


Rarely, inexplicable glitches occur.  Unfortunately, it appears that during the process of printing Healing with Essential Oils, a small section of information in a column of the chart on page 128 was inexplicably misaligned (as if reshuffled), resulting in the details in that section being presented out of sequence.


Although this mishap was immediately corrected, some books from the initial print run will already have been dispatched to suppliers, so it behoves me to address this mishap.


The chart in question, beginning on page 128 in the book, depicts a selection of individual chemical components found in essential oils, the odor profile of each component identified, and examples of essential oils that contain this component –  it was the (monoterpene) essential oil section (since corrected) that, for some unknown reason, was misaligned during the process of printing.


For the sake of clarity (with regard to books that may have already been circulated before the correction was made), here is the correct list of essential oils against the chemical constituents listed on page 128.


Functional group: Monoterpene


camphene: spruce, fir needle, pine, sage rosemary.


delta-3-carene: sage, pine, pepper (white), cypress, galbanum, basil.


para-cymene: thyme, oregano, camphor, cumin, tea tree.


dextro-limonene: lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, palo Santo, caraway, dill, white camphor.


laevo-limonene: cajeput, mints, pine needle, turpentine.


alpha-pinene: turpentine, frankincense, ferula, mastic, myrtle, juniper, pine, rosemary, nutmeg, helichrysum, galbanum, carrot seed.


sabinene: nutmeg, chaste tree, juniper berry, yarrow, ho leaf (cineole), black pepper.


alpha-thujene: frankincense, eucalyptus, juniper, dill, summer savory.