Essential Oils for the Whole Body

ISBN-13: 9781620558713

Awarding winning Essential Oils for the Whole Body provides a very practical, valuable and significant ‘go to’ hand book for anyone interested in essential oils, from curious beginner to enthusiastic user, professional health and wellbeing practitioner and therapist.

A timely practical guide to the topical application of essential oils for physical and emotional health and healing

  • Provides in-depth profiles of 15 essential oils that form a safe and effective “tool kit” for treating a broad range of ailments and conditions
  • Examines the body’s many absorption pathways and how applying essential oils in different locations has specific influences on the body’s systems
  • Offers guidelines for safe application, including recommendations for children and the elderly, along with easy-to-use charts to select the appropriate oil for each situation

Well known for their aromatherapy applications, essential oils also have outstanding healing abilities when absorbed through the skin. Applied topically they work well for wound healing, arthritis, inflammation, and skin conditions. Because all of the cells in the body are interconnected, they also affect underlying organs, systems, and soft tissues, influencing hormone release, gently relieving pain and stress, and offering antimicrobial protection against pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Focusing on 15 essential oils that form a safe and effective “tool kit” for treating a broad range of ailments and conditions, from acne, anxiety, and asthma to psoriasis, diabetes, and painful periods, Heather Dawn Godfrey explores how these essential oils complement and support each other’s healing properties and can be blended together to offer dynamic, customisable treatments for each unique individual. She examines the body’s many absorption pathways, explaining how even the internal organs have odour receptors and how applying essential oils in different locations has specific influences on the body’s systems. Offering guidelines for safe application, including recommendations for children and the elderly, the author provides easy-to-reference charts and tables to select the appropriate oil or oils for each situation, and she explains which essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and by those with specific conditions such as melanoma.

Presenting scientific profiles for the 15 main essential oils discussed, Godfrey also explores complementary therapies that increase the effectiveness of essential oils, including Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, and she details the colours, chakras, gemstones, and crystals that correspond with each oil. She provides recipes for proper dilution and the best carrier mediums, including creams, compresses, lotions, and ointments.

Written for both healthcare professionals and for self-care, this hands-on guide will allow you to effectively treat acute and chronic conditions as well as incorporate essential oils into daily life for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Essential Oils for the Whole Body follows  Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation and provides even more information and deeper detail about the use and various functions of essential oils, including how they are absorbed by the body, and how they may be applied as self-help remedies to support wellness and wellbeing. The multi-dynamic qualities of essential oils are explored, for example, complementary subtle elements, such as colour and gemstones and energetic properties such as yin and yang. A range of essential oils are included with in the information detail, but particular focus is placed on fifteen carefully selected Serenity Essential Oils and their complementary spectrum of versatile holistic qualities.

Why is this book different?

Essential Oils for the Whole Body shares information about the everyday use of essential oils.  Why is this different from other books about aromatherapy and essential oils?  Simply, this book provides a comprehensive and valuable ‘one stop’ source of useful information, with everything you need to know about how to use essential oils safely and effectively, and how to create your own effective blends and remedies.

Who is this book aimed at?

Anyone and everyone interested in applying essential oils.  This book provides the perfect reference book for anyone wanting to include essential oils in their daily life, and for those who wish to integrate essential oils in other wellbeing and healthcare practices.  There is something in its pages for everyone.



Netgalley 2019.  Reviewer: Cosy Cat.

I am a avid believer in using essential oils in many different aspects of body health and home use so I was thrilled to receive this book for review.. What I found here is a great complete education  on Essential Oils . The author has included blending of oils, safety as well as even the chemical contents which are good to know for those of us that use oils in our daily lives. I highly recommend the instructions for making creams, ointments and skin care products which was so fun to learn so much more then I knew. The recipes are brilliant and easy to follow. There is also information on diffusing oils which I am already using and enjoying. A ‘definitive’ book on essential oils this book I highly recommend for all who use oils and wish to educate themselves on both the oils, the process and the creation of recipes. Out of all the books on Essential Oils I have read over the years this is my favourite.


Goodreads 2019.  Reviewer: Mary.  

The content of this book is full of very descriptive information about essential oils. It would make a great reference book in any home as well as the local public library. This book would also be a well-used addition to any person wanting a more in-depth knowledge of oils. It will also help those like me who dally somewhat with oils but do not fully comprehend all the intricacies. Might keep someone like me from handling the oils improperly.

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