What an absolute privilege it was to attend and give my presentation at Wellbeing by the Lakes Festival last month.  I can still feel the remnants of the beautiful, uplifting, peaceful atmosphere lingering in my psyche – almost a little slice of heaven, in fact, a little glimpse, perhaps, of how heaven could be on earth; synergistic cooperation and mindful interaction.



The car park was heaving, yet, not once did I feel ‘crowded’ as I meandered around the Lakes along paths lined with wild flowers (so many bees and insects), bushes and trees, and the various artisan stages and tents scattered around the site.  The whole event was meticulously planned to ensure absolutely the best visitor experience.  So many talented and inspiring speakers, story tellers, musicians, and artists, each with their own gift to share.

The gentle presence of the Tibetan Buddhist monks, robed in timeless saffron and red Kāṣāya, the colourful sand mandala patiently created, each morning heralded with a chanted reminder to be compassionately ‘present’….a universal preyer of gratitude.  Yes, peace is possible.

Clearly, though, the effort to create such an ambience was immense; like the swans I observed gracefully gliding across the Lakes with their peaceful, almost regal, air of belonging, while paddling their feet frantically beneath the waters surface to generate their apparent effortless motion.

Could it get any better??!!  I am really looking forward to next years festival.

Simon and Monique truly did achieve their goal.




“For those in search of a better life, enter our world of calm and reflection, absent from stress.  Connect with your mind, body and breath to escape from the tensions of modern life to find inner peace and joy.”  Simon Gudgeon, Festival Director, Artist and Owner of Sculptures by the Lakes.



Heather Dawn Godfrey, Author of award winning bestselling new release, Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation