Native to the Mediterranean region, North Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, and Britain, Cypress is an evergreen, statuesque, cone-shaped tree that produces small flowers bearing ovoid seed cones. The essential oil is extracted from the twigs and needles, sometimes cones, by steamed distillation.  It’s scent is fresh, coniferous gently camphoraceous with a sweet balsamic dry-out odour.  Cypress is an excellent oil for respiratory conditions, such as, asthma, bronchitis, ‘flu, coughs, and also eases arthritic pain and aching muscles.  Added to vegetable oil, non-perfumed cream or lotion cypress is wonderful for mature, and both dry and oily skin (balancing).  Cypress also eases anxiety, feelings of grief, and improves concentration, among many other qualities.

You will find deeper detail about this essential oil in my books, Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation, and Essential Oils for the Whole Body