(Melaleuca cajeputi)

Pycho-emotional Qualities and Indications

  • Aids concentration
  • Bracing
  • Clears and stimulates the mind and thoughts.
  • Eases apathy
  • Helps find courage in finding new pathways and managing change.
  • Strengthens the ‘spirit’

Safety Information

Non-toxic, non-sensitising. May be irritant to the skin and mucous membrane. Do not use during pregnancy or breast feeding. Do not take orally / internally.

Background ‘droplet’

Cajeput is native to Australia.  This evergreen tree produces spikey leaves with ‘bottle-brush’ white, red, or green flowers. It’s bark is spongy and easily flakes.

The essential oil is extracted via steam distillation from fresh leaves and twigs, and has a mild, fruity-sweet camphoraceous menthol metallic scent, with greeny-woody dry out notes.

Cajeput belongs to the same botanical family as Tea Tree, and shares many similar attributes, especially qualities such as anti-microbial, ability to ease arthritic pain, and alleviate respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, colds and ‘flu.

Added to vegetable oil, or non-perfumed lotion, cream or ointment, Cajeput improves acne, soothes chapped and dry skin, and psoriasis.

Cajeput also aids concentration and clarity of thought, aids in finding new pathways and managing change, and so much more.

Energetic qualities

Metal.  Yin

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