Although native to the Middle East and Orient, the largest producers of rose essential oil today are Bulgaria, Turkey, and France.  A deciduous informally shaped shrub, with curved prickles, pinnate leaves, and relatively small pink to light red highly fragrant numerous-petalled flowers.  There are several species, however, demascena and centifolia are the most common essential producing species.  The essential oil is steam distilled from freshly picked petals.  It takes 2,500 to 4,000kg of petals to produce 1kg of essential oil.  The essential oil is pale yellow or olive-yellow, with a complex scent that is rich, intense, sweet, beeswax-like, and highly floral.  Rose essential oil is very expensive to purchase and is often adulterated (make sure you buy this oil from a reputable supplier).  Although the absolute is not a ‘pure’ essential oil, it is slightly less expensive, and retains much the same scent profile as that of the original blossoms.  Rose essential oil has multiple qualities, especially skin care, respiratory, and is an immune stimulant.  Rose’s psycho-emotional qualities are numerous; easing anger, nervous tension, shock, stress and stress related conditions, among many other indications

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