Heather Dawn: Godfrey.  P.G.C.E., B.Sc. (Joint Hon)


Age is an inevitable process; our bodies are finite, life is transient. However, although there is some inevitable ‘slowing down’, ageing does not necessarily herald debilitation. Ageing is another of many ‘rights of passage’ encountered through life.

Marguerite Maury (1895-1968) believed that in acknowledging age as a natural process, a friend and not an enemy, adapting and not giving up in the face of inevitable change, viewing age as ‘another country visited’ along the journey of life, we thus equip ourselves to enjoy it as a new, exciting untapped landscape, still holding adventure and possibility.  Such an attitude, she believed, staves off premature cellular deterioration, which lays the ground for disease and diminishing faculty, keeps us ‘alive’ and vibrant, and enables ability to adapt and deal with challenges.  She eloquently delves into the subject of ageing in her book ‘The Secret of Life and Youth’ (1964):


Our main interest is not old age in itself, the accomplished fact… what we have to know is what causes it to take us by surprise… growing old is an eminently individual matter… there are as many ways of growing old as there are human beings… each ageing according to his body, heredity, biological make up, mentality and, finally, evolution. (Maury 1961: 1989, p. 19)

Maury observed the interconnectedness between mind, emotion, body and nature and the dynamic role essential oils may play as regulators that are capable of maintaining, healing, restoring, balancing, and linking ethereal, spiritual and physical dimensions – sustaining the organisms dynamic vibrancy and vitality.  She was particularly interested in the similarity in composition of human and plant cells and their life cycles and restorative ability, especially in relation to human tissue, recognising “the innate kinship” between the cells of living organisms and their dynamic integrated relationship with each other:


Nature is sovereign: the plant is a living being with a specific energy potential. The use of this energy conforms to the law of nature… By inserting this energy force into our body, we can therefore expect an efficacious and selective action on its part. The body will thus have at its disposal a vital and living element. It will use its energy for its own ends. The great physician Ramon considered odoriferous matter as a vegetable hormone, the only one to be in a dynamic state.  (Maury, 1961/1989, p. 80 & 81)

In deed, essential oils do offer a vital natural connection between man’s external and internal environment, their virtues supporting and regulating physiological and psycho-emotional health, wellbeing and sense of spiritual awareness; perfect companions (along with meditation).  Applied appropriately, essential oils are safe and cost effective.  They are dynamic.  They complement the changing needs of the body and procure protective, restorative and rejuvenating qualities.

Frankincense, patchouli, cypress, carrot seed, rose are among many essential oils that offer valuable support  –  psycho-emotional, physiological, immunological, and skin care.

My books, Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation, and Essential Oils for the Whole Body, explain  the various dynamical qualities of essential oils and how they support wellness and wellbeing.

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The basic elements that support health and wellbeing as we age:

    • Positive attitude: toward self, others and the environment
    • Healthy diet: moderate, fresh and nutrient rich
    • Regular exercise: this does not have to be strenuous as long as it involves movement and respiration, oxygenating cells, shifting waste material, stimulating blood and lymph circulation and gently toning muscles, maintaining strength and integrity; improving mood and emotion
    • Relaxation: rest, fun and community
    • Sufficient income and social security:  safety, food, cloths, warmth, shelter, social activity and involvement

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